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So long and thanks for saving the day

"We  couldn't have done it without you." The hero looked winsome, then walked away and did not look back. Have you ever been told you were indispensable? What are the things that your friends, colleagues, family, or classmates wish they could do as easily as you or say that they couldn't have done without you?  Are you strong?  Quick?  Brave?  Handy with tools?  Efficient with tech?  A good listener?  Long on endurance?  Good at explaining things?  A problem-solver? Perhaps you are a good cook, an artist, or have a green thumb. I am grateful for my gifts. I'm able to share them and they make my life easier and more pleasurable in the places in which I have them in abundance.  Have you ever heard the term, "a debt of gratitude"? To whom would you owe a debt of gratitude for your gifts? Would it be your parents, yourself for your hard work in attaining them, your school for teaching them, or sheer luck?  There is no debt in gratitude! It's an incongr

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