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  MAY 2024 ONENESS PEACE IN OUR TIME ___ By Lydia Lowery Busler FORWARD “An awakened species sees the unity of all life and lives into it. Humans in an unawakened state often deny it or ignore it.” Neale Donald Walch There is no beginning or end to a body Consider the top of your head. Is it where your body starts? Or is it at the tip of your toes? Are your toes separate from your head? Even as they are separate, they are not separated from the health impact of injury to one end or the other.  One could argue that the beginning of a body is at the cellular level, or the nutrients that feed that body. Another may state that the brain is most important, or the heart, or the blood. Still, others may believe that the beginning of a body is the soul.  Now consider if one of those parts becomes unhealthy. The rest of the parts can function, correct? If the one becomes unhealthy and remains in a state of unhealth, the rest of the body ceases to thrive. A soul  that is sickened will affect the

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